2016 Clear Lake Polar Bear Club!

CLEAR LAKE — About 300 people made their way into the frigid waters of Clear Lake Sunday afternoon for the 19th annual Polar Bear Club dip for charity. Heather Becthold of Nashua made her 14th trip into the lake. She says, “It takes your breath away. You run in and all of a sudden you can’t breathe, and then it feels like your legs are pins and needles from the cold.” Stacey Schmidt of Garner participated in the event for the second time, this year participating with her three kids. “It’s a mix of emotions and kind of feelings. It’s exhilarating, it’s exciting. There’s a ton of people around you having a bunch of fun. You really don’t notice the cold until you’re back out again.” Breanna Rottinghaus talks about her first time going into the icy waters of Clear Lake. “I was jumping up and down repeatedly, very scared, and then I ran in, blacked out, came out, feel awesome now, so worth it.” The annual event raised $13-thousand for Make-A-Wish and Toys for Tots.

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