Can’t Keep A Secret

You think I would have learned by now that my children can’t keep a secret.  At all.  Not even for five minutes.  Yesterday the girls and I went shopping for a Valentine present for my wife.  We hit up the jewelry store and they found a very nice looking necklace.  My oldest insisted that this necklace was the one WE HAD TO GET FOR MOM.  I agreed that it was nice (and the price was right) so we bought it and had it wrapped up.

Fast forward to just after 5 p.m. and the instant my wife walks through the door I hear my three year old yell out “MOM WE GOT YOU A NECKLACE!”  “IT’S SOOO PRETTY!”  “IT’S A SURPRISE!”

…….I could barely understand what just happened….My wife was almost crying from laughing……

I should have know this was going to happen.  It happened before Christmas.  It happened before my wife’s birthday.

I need to remember that my kids can’t keep a secret.

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