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Wednesday February 1st – Dustin Craig

Thursday February 2nd – Holly Lindsay-Platts

Friday February 3rd – Dante Arndt-Sublett

Monday February 6th – Nicole Grell

Tuesday February 7th – Avery Groven

Wednesday February 8th – Evan Sheppler

Thursday February 9th – Devan Wood

Friday February 10th – Christa Ryg

Monday February 13th – Aurora Stepleton

Tuesday February 14th – Danielle Coronado 

Wednesday February 15th – Gracie Bryant

Thursday February 16th – Mackenzie Black

Friday February 17th – Lexi Rowe

Monday February 20th – Donna Brummund

Tuesday February 21st – Mary Fey

Wednesday February 22nd – Cathy Jacobs

Thursday February 23rd – Noel Jensen

Friday February 24th – Jacob Porter

Monday February 27th – Laura Keenan

Tuesday February 28th – Emily Sadler

Wednesday March 1st – Gavin Walker

Thursday March 2nd – Kaitlyn Lester

Friday March 3rd – Cooper Cooke

Monday March 6th – Kristy Holland

Tuesday March 7th – Patti Florman

Wednesday March 8th – Jessica Peverill

Thursday March 9th – Pat Stevenson

Friday March 10th – Donna Tyrrell

Monday March 13th – Brittani Watson

Tuesday March 14th – Heather Trainer

Wednesday March 15th –  Patrick McHenry

Thursday March 16th – Jesse Colson

Friday March 17th – Lonnie Conrad

Monday March 20th – Donna Banta

Tuesday March 21st – Kelsey Smith

Wednesday March 22nd – Brody Roll

Thursday March 23rd – Tate Tabbert

Friday March 24th – Jordan Prehn

Monday March 27th – Jessica Alberto

Tuesday March 28th – Bree Jones

Wednesday March 29th – Monica Bergman

Thursday March 30th – McKenzie Sullivan

Friday March 31st – Nathan Kehoe

Monday April 3rd – Leah Koebrick

Tuesday April 4th – Rick Gates

Wednesday April 5th – Melissa Payne

Thursday April 6th – Amy Lampman

Friday April 7th – Samantha Hamlin

Monday April 10th – Jeff Marshall

Tuesday April 11th – Mia Rico

Wednesday April 12th – Leah Kline

Thursday April 13th – Sabree Wagner

Friday April 14th – Alec Connelly

Monday April 17th – Dylan Piper

Tuesday April 18th – Misty Shropshire

Wednesday April 19th – Emily Bergan

Thursday April 20th – Chris Howell

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