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Tuesday August 1st – Steve Bailey

Wednesday August 2nd – Nathan Azeltine  

Thursday August 3rd – Angela Williams

Friday August 4th – Jacob Shafer

Monday August 7th – Kim Walker 

Tuesday August 8th – Roxy Hendrick

Wednesday August 9th – Skyler Wihlm

Thursday August 10th – Eric Sandry

Friday August 11th – Ella Hughes

Monday August 14th – Miranda Schrieber

Tuesday August 15th – Cadence Rish

Wednesday August 16th – (No Winner)

Thursday August 17th – Ron Schroeder

Friday August 18th – Albanie Schultz

Monday August 21st – Derek Haxton

Tuesday August 22nd – Ellen Stanbrough

Wednesday August 23rd – Kellen Cameron

Thursday August 24th – Sharon Olson

Friday August 25th – Danise Silber

Monday August 28th – Jo Carlton

Tuesday August 29th – Grayson Francis

Wednesday August 30th – Jack Harty

Thursday August 31st – Tracy Levendusky

Friday September 1st – Sylvia Orozco

Tuesday September 5th – Heather Tyler

Wednesday September 6th – Wyatt Bonnema

Thursday September 7th – Katie Noziska

Friday September  8th – Linda Young

Monday September 11th – Vickie Ward

Tuesday September 12th – Jonah Ringham

Wednesday September 13th – Miranda Ackley

Thursday September 14th – Liam White

Friday September 15th – Lashell Whitehurst

Monday September 18th – Lindsey Schmell

Tuesday September 19th – Lila Gossman

Wednesday September 20th – Julie Wason

Thursday September 21st – Kari Olson

Friday September 22nd – Tonie Mckenna

Monday September 25th – Ryan Pearce

Tuesday September 26th – Karter English

Wednesday September 27th – Nate Akins

Thursday September 27th – Shannon Schultz

Friday September 28th – Lisa Kuhl

Monday October 2nd – Melissa Monson

Tuesday October 3rd – Quintin Masteller

Wednesday October 4th – Brecken Arndt

Thursday October 5th – Emily Burke

Friday October 6th – Sue Pederson

Monday October 9th – Prestan Wittman

Tuesday October 10th – Mackenzy Smith

Wednesday October 11th – Darla Hines

Thursday October 12th – Justin Jodoin

Friday October 13th – Jason Hanson

Monday October 16th – Lauren Orlowski

Tuesday October 17th – Jay Greenlee

Wednesday October 18th – Lenaya Rosesmith

Thursday October 19th – Meghan Sullivan

Friday October 20th – Erin Roth

Monday October 23rd – Chase Crosby

Tuesday October 24th – Charlee Gordon

Wednesday October 25th – Nathan Lollar

Thursday October 26th – Rachel Sandry

Friday October 27th – Danika Shannon

Monday October 30th – Denny Tynan

Tuesday October 31st – Clark Wilkinson

Wednesday November 1st – Ryley Bonnema

Thursday November 2nd – Tracy Hedegard

Friday November 3rd – Griffin Hays

Monday November 6th – Parks Thomas

Tuesday November 7th – Valerie Ruehlow

Wednesday November 8th – Leah O’Connell

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