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Wednesday November 1st – Ryley Bonnema

Thursday November 2nd – Tracy Hedegard

Friday November 3rd – Griffin Hays

Monday November 6th – Parks Thomas

Tuesday November 7th – Valerie Ruehlow

Wednesday November 8th – Leah O’Connell

Thursday November 9th – Jalissa Moore

Friday November 10th – Sandy Moore

Monday November 13th – Jeff Michael 

Tuesday November 14th – Benjamin Gerhardt

Friday November 17th – David Baker Jr. 

Monday November 20th – Carter Garrignton

Tuesday November 21st – Shaunte Brown

Wednesday November 22nd – Liberty Winters

Thursday November 23rd – Brian Dirksen

Friday November 24th – Melinda Gasca

Monday November 27th – Shya Satern

Tuesday November 28th – Jarod Harnish

Wednesday November 29th – Phyllis Fausnaugh

Thursday November 30th – Mitch Prohaska

Friday December 1st – Julie Becker

Monday December 4th – CJ Oulman

Tuesday December 5th – Jewel Clausen

Wednesday December 6th – Tristan Froelich

Thursday December 7th – Michaela Witham

Friday December 8th – Ellen Kay

Monday December 11th – Mindy Meredith

Tuesday December 12th – Tony Pals

Wednesday December 13th – Curtis Roath 

Thursday December 14th – Breanna Sullivan 

Friday December 15th – Breanna Holloway 

Monday December 18th – Finley Rogstad

Tuesday December 19th – Drew Kelley

Wednesday December 20th – Serah Sullivan

Thursday December 21st – Colton Overbeck

Friday December 22nd – Alanna Marzen

Tuesday December 26th – Kaleb Feld

Wednesday December 27th – Kylie Dwyer 

Thursday December 28th – Lonnie Friesenborg

Friday December 29th – Willow Schwartz

Tuesday January 2nd – Randy Olsen

Wednesday January 3rd – Jesse Bell

Thursday January 4th – Grayce Bjugan

Friday January 5th – Stephanie Durgan

Monday January 8th – Braden Kline

Tuesday January 9th – Breckynn Smith

Wednesday January 10th – Natalie Deegan

Thursday January 11th – Jordis Woodward

Friday January 12th – Gayle Trenary

Monday January 15th – Brooke Farrell

Tuesday January 16th – Jessica White

Wednesday January 17th – Chloe Craighton

Thursday January 18th – Lily Wilson

Friday January 19th – PJ Biretz


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