What drives you crazy when you’re riding in a car with your partner?

Part of being in a relationship is spending a LOT of time together in a car.  And part of being in a car together is HATING being in a car together.

A new survey found the 10 biggest ways couples make each other CRAZY when they’re driving.  Check ’em out . . .

1.  The person driving ignoring the other person’s suggestions.

2.  Driving too fast.

3.  Tailgating.

4.  Braking too hard.

5.  Playing music the other person doesn’t like.

6.  Making the car too cold.

7.  Getting lost or taking a bad route.

8.  Making the car too hot.

9.  Filling up the car with trash.

10.  Blasting the radio too loudly.

The survey also found that about one in 10 people have had a relationship end or almost end because of an argument about driving.



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