How To Get Kids Unhooked From Phones

NEW YORK (AP) — It sounds a bit counterintuitive: investors in a company asking the firm to come up with ways to keep people from using their product so much. But that’s what happening with Apple. Two of its major investors have asked the iPhone maker to find ways to curb smartphone addiction among children. The investors say they are worried about the effects of gadgets and social media on kids. And they say Apple needs to come up with ways to keep youngsters from getting hooked on the devices. For its part, Apple says its devices already have a number of controls that let parents block or limit their use by kids.

Here are some ways to get children unhooked from phones:

  • Make the phone smell like vegetables.  What kid wants to be around anything that smells like beets?
  • Make the phone play Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass before you can use it.   How many kids will sit through that?
  • Have a chore checklist that unlocks the phone.
  • Make it so the phone only makes calls.  No texting or internet or pictures.  Just calls.  What kid wants to just TALK on the phone?

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