Did You Have A Pen Pal Growing Up?

Having and old fashioned pen and paper pen pal is one of the top things people miss about the time before modern technology.  Now if you get a message from someone on the other side of the country you just hit delete because you don’t want to get a virus.  I tried having a pen pal once or twice but my spelling and handwriting have never been good so it was too much of a chore for me to keep up with.

Here are some other things that have been replaced by technology that they miss the most.  (Courtesy of The Daily Mail)

1.  Making mixtapes.

2.  Putting photos into albums.

3.  Recording TV shows on your VCR.

4.  Having printed photos around the house.

5.  The excitement of seeing how the photos from a roll of film turned out.

6.  Handwritten letters.

Unpacking after my resent move I uncovered a batch of letters from my friends growing up.  It was cool to remember the time and effort that people would put into communicating.  I also found an old disposable camera, now I just need to take it and see what pictures it has hidden inside.

What do you miss that has been replaced by technology?

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