❤📱 Snooping Causes Relationship Woes For 38% Of People ❤📱
  • 56 % of women admit they’ve snooped on a partner’s cell phone, while only 44% of men do
  • 50% of men have deleted text messages to keep their partner from seeing them while only 37% of women have 
  • Gen Z snoopers found dirt on their partners more often than Millenials or Gen Xers did–– Gen Zers said they found something 65% of the time, while Millenials and Gen Xers found dirt at the rates of 55% and 52% respectively
  • 47% of teens (15-18 years) think their partner is likely to snoop on their cell phone, while only 28% of adults (18+ years) think so
  • 72% of people in relationships share cell phone passcodes
  • 1 in 4 men (24%) say they’ve snooped on their partner’s other devices (computers, smartwatches, tablets, etc.) to see the same notifications as their cell phones, while only 17% of women say they have
  • 29% of people think their partner is likely to snoop on their cell phone

Check out the full report here: https://www.whistleout.com/CellPhones/Guides/phone-snooping

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