32.7% Spend More Time With Their Phone Than Significant Other

With Valentine’s Day last week, I wanted to share some stats I thought may surprise you. Turns out, America’s Valentine this year is their smart-phones. In fact, 32.7% say they spend more quality time with their phone than their significant other.


  • Love is in the air and the bedroom with 65.7% admitting they sleep with their phone at night.
  • Things are starting to heat up… or maybe not? 45% say they’d rather give up sex for a year than give up their phone. 
  • You’ve heard of a “bad breakup”, but what about a bribed breakup? Americans say they’d break-up with their current smartphone and trade-in for a flip phone if they were paid $2,150.20. 
  • Clingy, much? 65.6% say they check their phones up to 160x a day, that’s once every 9.5 minutes! 

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