Ten More “Good News” Stories from the Coronavirus Outbreak – Monday Edition

Here are ten more good news stories from the outbreak . . .

1.  Delta is now offering free flights to medical volunteers who want to help out in Louisiana, Georgia, and Michigan.  They also might add California, New York, and Washington soon.

2.  A mailman in England has been cheering people up by dressing up in different costumes to deliver the mail.  Including a Trojan soldier, and a German beer maid.

3.  A principal in Traverse City, Michigan couldn’t do announcements the normal way.  So she went to a fast food drive-thru . . . just to tell a teenager who works there that she’s the valedictorian of her class.

4.  A doctor in Minnesota got pulled over for speeding the other day, and burst into tears when the cop gave her his own N95 face masks instead of a ticket.

5.  A restaurant in San Francisco has been flooded with orders after they launched a program called “Adopt a Doctor or Nurse” that lets you send meals to hospital workers.

6.  A bunch of cops in New Jersey organized a free “Pizza Day” for their community and handed out 300 pizzas.  Now other departments across the country might do it too.

7.  A church in Cincinnati raised $230,000 to cover babysitting and childcare costs for healthcare workers who are on the front lines.

8.  The owner of a pharmacy in New York isn’t charging people for medications if they can’t afford them.  He says they’ve mainly been giving out pills for things like diabetes and high blood pressure.

9.  An anonymous mom in Maryland has been leaving free brown bag lunches out for anyone who might need them.

10.  Remember this guy who went viral last week?  A guy in Brooklyn saw a woman dancing on her roof, and used his drone to give her his phone number.  Well, now they’re DATING.  They had a virtual dinner date from across the street.  Then he got inside a big plastic Zorb ball, and they went on a walk together.



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