37% of Us Follow the “Five-Second Rule,” Plus Ten More Questionable Cooking Habits

37% of us believe in the “five-second rule,” and almost a third of us have used it while cooking.  31% have dropped food on the ground and then used it in a meal anyway.  Here are ten more stats on our questionable cooking habits . . .

1.  65% of us like to eyeball it instead of using measuring cups.

2.  58% don’t usually follow a recipe.

3.  41% have used a spoon to taste something, and then kept using it to mix.

4.  38% use dull kitchen knives, which are more dangerous than sharp ones.

5.  34% rinse chicken in the sink, which isn’t necessary and is actually LESS sanitary.

6.  26% of us don’t rinse fruits and vegetables.

7.  23% of Americans have cooked a full meal while drunk.

8.  15% of people don’t wash their hands while cooking.

9.  14% will use the same cutting board for raw meat, and then vegetables.

10.  8% of us burn things on purpose, because we like the taste.


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