Halloween is still a few weeks away and you might be worried that the pumpkins you’ve had since the beginning of October won’t make it until then.

Well you’re in luck because we have some tips that will help you keep your pumpkin looking perfect through spooky season. Choose your pumpkin carefully – don’t choose one that has bruises, discolored or that has any cuts or dents.

Choose a perfectly rounded pumpkin that has even coloring. When carving, make sure you clean out as much of the insides as possible.

Leaving them in can create moisture which can cause early rotting. Spray the pumpkin with water and apple cider vinegar.  Use Fake Candles – Using real candles inside the pumpkin will dry it out. Put the pumpkin in a dry space.

Although it needs some moisture, if it gets too wet it will mold and rot early. Putting it in a dry and off the ground place is best.

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