72% of Us Won’t Go to a Sporting Event Until There’s a COVID-19 Vaccine?

The professional sports leagues seem optimistic about things returning to normal in the coming months . . . and Major League Baseball is even talking about starting next month, although without fans.

And THAT . . . fans going to sporting events . . . might NOT get back to normal anytime soon.

According to a new survey, 72% of Americans said they would not consider attending a sporting event until there’s a vaccine for COVID-19, and most experts say that can’t happen until early next year . . . if everything goes smoothly.

12% said they’d go to a game if social distancing could be maintained . . . and only 13% said they’d feel safe attending, in a crowd of tens of thousands of people, just like they did before.

In the same survey, 74% of Americans thought it was possible, likely, or very likely that all sports would be canceled for the rest of this year.

Of course, attitudes can easily change . . . especially if the virus fades away in the summer, and people start seeing others embracing sporting events.

But at least in this survey, people aren’t expecting a return to normalcy right away.

Here are a few other stats . . .

70% think the NFL should not start up again in the fall, to protect the players . . .  20% say the league should resume, but allow the players to choose not to play . . .  and only 6% say the league should start up as normal.

If the sports were deemed safe for the players, 76% said they’d watch televised broadcasts of the games with the same interest as before . . . with only 16% saying they’d be less interested, and 7% saying they’d be more interested.

84% think the IOC acted appropriately in postponing this year’s Olympics to 2021, with only 14% saying they acted too quickly.

And when asked whether teams have an obligation to pay arena and stadium workers for time missed because of the virus, 59% said YES and 33% said NO.

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