85% of Us Are Now Actively Doing Things to Avoid Getting Sick

A new poll found most of us are now doing things to stop the virus from spreading.  85% of Americans say they’ve changed their behavior in some way to avoid getting sick.  Here are the top changes we’ve made in the past month . . .

1.  Avoiding crowded places.  67% are doing it now, compared to 27% a month ago.

2.  Not touching certain things when you go out.  50%, up from 24%.

3.  Better personal hygiene, like washing your hands more.  65% said yes.

4.  Skipping work, or working from home.  24%, which is EIGHT TIMES higher than last month.  And that’s 24% of ALL adults, not just the 63% who make up the workforce.

5.  Avoiding tourists.  It’s doubled in the last month to 35%.

6.  Keeping your kids home from school.  18% said yes, compared to just 1% last month.  But only about 22% of us have school-age kids at home.  So 18% is a lot.

7.  Wearing a face mask in public.  12%, up from 7% a month ago.

Roughly 1 in 7 people said they’re still not taking ANY protective measures . . . including 6% who hadn’t even heard about the virus before they took the survey.


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