A Major Online Purchase Takes Us 3 Hours and 5 Minutes from Start to Finish

How long does it take us to make a fairly major purchase, like a printer or a new TV?  From start to finish, the average is . . . 3 hours and 5 minutes.

These big buying moments break down into SEVEN stages of online shopping.  Here they are in order.

1.  Deciding whether or not you actually need something . . . 35 minutes.

2.  Searching different sites for the product you want . . . 33 minutes.

3.  Reading reviews and recommendations . . . 29 minutes.  The average person said they wouldn’t buy something if it had less than 3.4 stars out of 5.

4.  Comparing products and narrowing it down to a specific brand . . . 31 minutes.

5.  Sharing links and asking for advice from friends or family . . . 14 minutes.

6.  Finally deciding on something and putting it in your cart . . . 19 minutes.

7.  The actual purchase . . . another 24 minutes before you finally pull the trigger.

The survey also found six out of 10 people would never buy something big without researching it first.  And just one in seven described themselves as an “impulse buyer.”

(The Sun)

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