“American Idol” Champ Maddie Poppe Releases New Single, Debut Album Coming May 17

Almost a year to the day that she was crowned the American Idol champ, Maddie Poppe will release her debut album.

The as-yet-untitled disc will be out May 17; she won the show on May 21 of last year.  In a statement, Maddie says, The process on this album has been a lot of fun. [My label] Hollywood Records has been such a blessing to work with — they have given me the reins to make the album that I want to make, and have supported my decisions.”

She adds, “I’m really staying true to myself on this album and I’ve gotten to work with a really great team.”

Maddie’s just released a taste of the new album in the form of a new single, “First Aid Kit,” which she says is about “finding someone who helps you heal from a broken heart and learning to love again.”

The Iowa native also plans to release another single on March 1 called “Little Things,” which she says was specifically written for her, inspired by her relationship with Caleb Lee Hutchinson.

Maddie and Caleb met while they were both competing on Idol and started dating; he ended up coming in second to her on the show’s finale.  They’re still together, and Maddie says, “I couldn’t believe how much every word rings true to my relationship and how it feels when we’re apart.”



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