Are These the 99 Greatest Songs of 1999?

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The ’90s are known for being the heyday of grunge, but that was over by 1999 . . . which was a very strong year for pop.  “Billboard” has a list of the 99 greatest songs of 1999, which is also interesting because it means these songs are now 20 YEARS OLD.  To be included, all of them had to be released as singles in ’99.

Here’s the Top 21:

1.  “. . . Baby One More Time”Britney Spears

2.  “No Scrubs”TLC

3.  “I Want It That Way”Backstreet Boys

4.  “Back That Azz Up”Juvenile with Mannie Fresh and Lil Wayne

5.  “Smooth”Santana and Rob Thomas

6.  “Ex-Factor”Lauryn Hill

7.  “Believe”Cher

8.  “All the Small Things”Blink-182

9.  “Waiting for Tonight”Jennifer Lopez

10.  “My Name Is”Eminem

11.  “Genie in a Bottle”Christina Aguilera

12.  “Man! I Feel Like a Woman”Shania Twain

13.  “Livin’ La Vida Loca”Ricky Martin

14.  “Still D.R.E.”Dr. Dre with Snoop Dogg

15.  “Bills, Bills, Bills”Destiny’s Child

16.  “Learn to Fly”Foo Fighters

17.  “Hot Boyz”Missy Elliott with NasEve, and Q-Tip

18.  “Praise You”Fatboy Slim

19.  “Steal My Sunshine”Len

20.  “Ruff Ryders Anthem”DMX

21.  “All Star”Smash Mouth

Here are some of my favorites that made the list.

92. Dead Prez, “Hip Hop” (No. 49, Rap Songs)

76. System of a Down, “Sugar” (No. 28, Mainstream Rock)

71. Rage Against the Machine, “Guerrilla Radio” (No. 69, Hot 100)

28. O.D.B. feat. Kelis, “Got Your Money” (No. 33, Hot 100)

( has the whole list.)

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