Are Virtual First Dates Actually Better Than Face-to-Face First Dates?

The pandemic has transformed lots of things we used to do face-to-face into things we do over video chat.  And it turns out some things might be BETTER that way.

Here’s one we didn’t see coming:  Virtual first dates might actually have some real advantages over face-to-face first dates.

According to a new survey, about two-thirds of people say they’ve liked virtual dating this year.  They save you time if the date isn’t good . . . they last an average of 26 minutes less.  They save you money, an average of $23 per date.

And they still WORK . . . people say they can usually tell if they have a connection with someone in just 30 seconds of a video chat.

Of course, they aren’t perfect.  You miss out on the little body language hints, the chance to size up someone in person, and, of course, the potential for doing all sorts of filthy things to each other if the date goes well.

But one in four people say they want to keep doing virtual first dates even once the pandemic is over because it’s a good way to at least screen out bad prospects.

(Daily Express)

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