Coronavirus Quick Hits: New White House and CDC Guidelines, Hoaxes Spreading, Bailouts, Amazon, and More

Here are some major coronavirus developments that are making headlines right now . . .

1.  The White House and CDC announced new guidelines to try to slow the spread of coronavirus.  They include STAYING HOME from work and school . . . avoiding groups of more than 10 people . . . and avoiding restaurants and bars.

President Trump also said it may be July or August before the U.S. can get the coronavirus pandemic under control . . . and while there’s no nationwide lockdown planned, it may happen in certain areas.

He also told state governors that for medical equipment, quote, “Respirators, ventilators, all of the equipment, try getting it yourselves.”

2.  For the first time since coronavirus started, there are now more cases outside China than inside.

3.  Coronavirus fears are being exploited right now by the bad actors of the world.  There was a cyberattack on the Department of Health and Human Services on Sunday to try to slow down its coronavirus response.

And a fake warning about a national lockdown has been circulating on text . . . and became so prevalent that the National Security Council issued an official statement denying it.

Here’s a running list of all the coronavirus hoaxes that are, sadly, spreading around.

4.  The airlines are looking for a bailout of more than $50 billion . . . and an airline group says that all seven of the major U.S. airlines will be bankrupt by the end of the year without it.

But there’s an op-ed in the “New York Times” about how this bailout should be different than the last one, and should require real change in how the airlines treat their employees and customers.

5.  The economy is REALLY struggling right now, and there’s a push to issue a stimulus.  Senator Mitt Romney is promoting a plan to give every adult in the country $1,000 right now.

6.  The WHO is considering “airborne precautions” for people working in the medical fields after finding how coronavirus can survive in the air.

7.  Amazon is warning people that deliveries are going to be delayed and items like toilet paper and hand sanitizer will frequently be out of stock.

But they’re also planning to hire 100,000 new workers and raise pay to handle the surge in demand.

8.  The social distancing message is still not quite hitting home for a lot of people.  Daytona Beach, Florida was packed yesterday with people on spring break.

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