Do You Shower Like Everyone Else?

Over 50,000 people recently took a BuzzFeed poll that looked into America’s showering habits.  Do you shower the way everyone else does, or are you a weirdo?  Here are seven questions, and how people answered them . . .

1.  Do you shower in the morning, at night, or both?  28% said morning . . . 43% said night . . . 25% said both . . . and 4% said they usually shower in the afternoon.

2.  What part of your body do you wash first?  Hair was the #1 answer with 65% of the vote.  Then your body, 19% . . . and your face, 13%.

3.  Do you use body wash or soap?  75% of us use body wash now . . . 24% use soap . . . and 1% said they just use water.

4.  Do you use a washcloth, a loofa, or just your hands?  The most popular answer was just your HANDS, 44%.  38% said a loofa . . . 14% said a washcloth . . . and 4% said they used something else.

5.  Do you shave in the shower?  Only 11% of people said they never do.

6.  Have you ever CRIED in the shower?  78% of us have.

7.  Do you ever sing in the shower?  77% of us do it.

Some question that I would add include:

Have you ever used your dirty clothes to dry off when you don’t have a towel?

Have you accidentally used conditioner first and just skipped using shampoo?

Have you ever taken a show without stepping in the shower?


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