Eric Byrnes making is way across the country!

Very cool story out of the Bay Area, Eric Byrnes – former Major League Baseball player turned endurance athlete.  You will see him on baseball broadcasts throughout the year, and is always entertaining!

This week via Instagram, chatting with him,  he mentioned to me he is now entering Iowa, gonna make his way to Des Moines. (August 12th) on the schedule……  On his way to Chicago

On July 22nd, former Major League Baseball player turned endurance athlete Eric Byrnes will jump in McCovey Cove beyond the right field wall at AT&T Park in San Francisco and attempt to swim 7 miles to Oakland then hop on his bike and ride approximately 2344 miles to Chicago where he will transition to run the final 846 miles, ending the journey at Yankee Stadium in New York City.

Byrnes’ mission is to bring awareness to the dwindling Physical Education programs in public schools across the country. Approximately 97% of all public schools have gotten rid of everyday PE classes.

Along the way, Byrnes will do his best to recruit other swimmers, bikers & runners to join him for parts of the journey through a variety of cities across America.

Every dollar raised along the way will be donated to the “Let Them Play Foundation” and will be dispersed to different national & local organizations committed to expanding youth physical education & after school activity programs.    Learn more here


Park Stops, Speaking Engagements, Book Signings & Group Rides and Runs

  1. July 22nd: San Francisco – AT&T Park
  2. July 22nd: Oakland, California
  3. July 24th: Sacramento, California
  4. July 30th: Salt Lake City, Utah
  5. August 12th: Des Moines, Iowa
  6. August 15th: Chicago, Illinois
  7. August 20th: South Bend, Indiana
  8. August 24th: Toledo, Ohio
  9. August 28th: Cleveland, Ohio
  10. September 3rd: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  11. September 12th: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  12. September 15th: Yankee Stadium, New York City


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