Five Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day When You Can’t Be with Your Dad

Father’s Day will look different for a lot of people this year.  If you can’t be with your dad on Sunday, whether it’s due to coronavirus, or because he’s no longer with us, or any other reason, here are five ways to still celebrate him . . .

1.  Donate or volunteer your time to charity.  If there’s a cause or charity that your dad was always passionate about, make a donation or volunteer some of your time to it.

2.  Go to a place he liked or do something you always did together.  Like if your dad would always go to a particular park or restaurant . . . or if you used to go on bike rides together, make some time to do that this weekend.

3.  Enjoy his favorite food or beverage.  If there was a meal your dad would always make on the grill or a certain beer or wine he’d always drink, pay tribute by grilling up what he enjoyed or toasting to him.

4.  Create something in his memory.  Such as planting a tree or flowers in your yard or making a plaque you can put somewhere to revisit every Father’s Day.

5.  Reach out to other dad figures in your life.  Like if your mom has stepped up in place of your dad, call HER on Father’s Day.  Or reach out to other friends and family members who are dads and let them know you’re thinking of them. 

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