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Former Mason City Human Rights Commission director helping to urge minorities to get vaccinated (VIDEO)

MASON CITY — Former Mason City Human Rights Commission director Lionel Foster has been volunteering his efforts in trying to get minorities in the area to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Foster says he wants to help reverse the trend of vaccination participation falling off over the last month. Foster says he got vaccinated because he was thinking of family and friends.  “I thought about the folks around me, my family, my friends. I had two of my nephews that were infected with it. They weren’t serious infections, but they came down with it. I didn’t know it until probably two or three weeks, or maybe a month later. I thought to myself they could have infected me, they could have infected my brother, they could have infected their sisters and brothers and cousins and all of that. I thought to myself it’s really inconsiderate that we don’t think about that.”

Foster says African-Americans and other minorities should not be listening to the misinformation being spread by some about the vaccination.  “I’m saying to everyone, but particularly African-Americans and Hispanics that they need to quit listening to the negative side of the business and start getting the positive side, and try to digest it as rapidly as you can but at your own pace so that you will get a vaccination at some point in the near future.”

Foster made his comments during a press conference held by the City of Mason City and Cerro Gordo County Department of Public Health on Wednesday afternoon. You can see video of that press conference below

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