Good News: Daredevils, Surprises, and a Generous Make-a-Wish Kid

1.  A 25-year-old nurse from Northern Ireland went to Australia for work in 2019, and ended up staying because of the pandemic.  She recently flew home for the first time in two years, but didn’t tell anyone.  Now a video of her surprising various friends and family is going viral.  She shows up, and they either start screaming or crying.

2.  A daredevil in France helped raise money for charity on Wednesday . . . by standing on TOP of a hot air balloon that was 12,000 feet up.  He smashed his own world record in the process.  The previous record was 4,000 feet.  (Here’s a video he posted.)

3.  Speaking of world records:  A woman in Florida recently broke a record by running 95 marathons in 95 days.  And last Sunday, a 24-year-old woman in L.A. became the youngest person to ever complete 100 marathons in their life.

4.  Last year, a 13-year-old in Mississippi got a bone marrow transplant to treat a rare blood disorder.  And the best news is, it worked.  He’s doing better.  But check this out:  The Make-a-Wish Foundation recently reached out to him.  And instead of something for himself, he asked of they’d help him feed the homeless every month for a year.

His first event was in September.  He fed around 80 people.  Then he did it again in October, and they’ll help him do ten more events between now and next August.

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