If you’re single now or can vaguely remember when you were single in the past, you probably had a “type.”

At least you thought you did.

According to a new study out of the University of California, Davis, there really isn’t such a thing as a “type” in dating . . . it’s a myth.  So you should REALLY stop being so picky.

Quote, “In the end, we want partners who have positive qualities.  But the qualities you specifically list don’t actually have special predictive power for you.”

In other words, you may SAY you only like people who are funny, smart, and tall . . . but if you go on a date with someone who’s not really any of those things but IS kind, thoughtful, and emotionally available, you may find yourself just as in to them.

The researchers say the study shows we’re not always great at picking our own potential dates . . . and we might as well let friends or even strangers set us up, because we’re just as likely to be happy with the results.

Quote, “It’s really easy to spend time hunting around online for someone who seems to match your ideals.  But our research suggests an alternative approach:  Don’t be too picky about whether a partner matches your ideals on paper.”

(UC Davis)

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