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Here Are the 10 Things Parents Consider “Parenting Wins”

Before you have kids, you make big plans for your future as a parent:  I want a kid who is a piano genius and plays symphonies when they’re four, wins an Olympic gold medal, and wins a Nobel Prize in chemistry.

Then you have kids, and your goals become:  I just want my kid to eat one piece of broccoli.  That’s it.  One piece.

A new survey asked parents what they consider “parenting wins.”  And they REALLY show just how challenging every single little aspect of parenting truly is.

The top 10 “wins” are:

Getting your child to eat their vegetables . . . keeping your child quiet and occupied at the grocery store . . . getting your child to finish a meal without whining . . . getting your child to eat a healthy snack . . . getting your child to ask for a healthy snack . . .

Keeping your child quiet and occupied on a long car ride . . . getting your child to finish their homework . . . getting your child to bed without a tantrum . . . bathing your child without a tantrum . . . and distracting your kid as you pass the toy aisle at a store.

(New York Post)

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