Here Are the Elements of the “American Dream” Today

People were asked what elements make up the American dream today . . . and here are the top 10.

1.  Owning your own home, 56%.

2.  Owning a car, 53%.

3.  Having a family, 50%.

4.  Starting your own business, 43%.

5.  Paying off student loans, 40%.

6.  Providing high-quality education to your children one day, 31%.

7.  Living in the suburbs, 29%.

8.  Getting a good job, 26%.

9.  Being out of credit card debt, 26%.

10.  Realizing your potential, 23%.

I find it interesting that 80% of the answers involve $$$.

What is your next step to achieving your version of the American Dream?

(SWNS Digital)

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