This was a decade where a TON of new dating terms were invented.  Some look like they’ll have more staying power than others.

The “New York Post” recently put together a list of some of the terms that were born in the 2010’s.  And here are five of the most popular ones . . .

1.  Swiping left and right.  Tinder started in 2012, and with it, we learned about swiping left to say no and swiping right to say yes.

2.  Catfish.  The “Catfish” documentary came out in 2010 and gave us a term to describe people pretending to be someone else online.

3.  Ghosting.  Ghosting became a popular term in 2015 as we REALLY needed a way to sum up the most passive-aggressive way of ending things with someone.

4.  Sliding into DMs.  The first entry for “slide into DMs” on Urban Dictionary is from 2014.  “Sliding” is really a perfect way to describe how people start privately chatting with someone on social media.

5.  Netflix and chill.  This term exploded in 2015 as a modern update to the 2 a.m. call.

(New York Post)

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