Here’s How Much You Could Get for All the Old Electronics in Your House
395265 02: Japanese mobile operator DoCoMo introduces a new mobile phone named Freedom of Mobile Multimedia Access (FOMA) October 3, 2001 in Tokyo. (Photo by Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images)

If you’re still holding onto a few old CD players, VCRs, and flip phones, maybe just keep ’em until they hit “collectors’ item” status.

According to a new survey, the average American could get about $199 for all of the old electronics they have in their house that they aren’t using anymore.

And when it comes to modern stuff, the best move is to sell it ASAP.  Things like computers, smartphones, tablets, and video game systems go down in value about 26% per year.

The survey also found the average person holds onto an old cell phone for more than a year after they get a new one . . . and one in 10 people keep their old phones for at least three years.

(SWNS Digital)

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