How Often Do You Talk to Your Partner When You’re at Work?

Portrait of handsome man in eyeglasses talking on the phone and smiling while sitting on working place in creative office

Have you ever had this conversation either through text or on the phone while you were at work?

Person 1: “Hey, how are you?”

Person 2: “I am good, very busy right now.”

P1: “Oh, I was just calling to see what you were doing”

P2: “I am working, because I am at work…..Did you need something?  Is something going on?”

P1: ” No.  I was just calling to call you”

When you’re in a relationship, do you consider yourself needy, or pretty independent?  A new poll asked almost 4,000 people how often they text or talk to their significant other while they’re at work.

Here are the results . . .

1.  5% of people said they check in once an HOUR.

2.  9% say once every couple of hours.

3.  17% touch base “a few times a day.”

4.  20% said once or twice a day.

5.  The most popular answer was “rarely” at 23%.

6.  And 11% said they NEVER check in while they’re at work.

Women were slightly more likely than men to say they never check in . . . 13% of women, compared to just 9% of men.


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