How To Make Joe’s Famous Aunt Jemima Ham Plus The Top 20 Holiday Foods We Can’t Resist

What holiday foods are you looking forward to?

The holidays mean food and lots of it.  I love the green bean casserole, the strawberry fluff and all of the snacks.

This year we are hosting Thanksgiving and I am excited to cook up my favorite Thanksgiving dish, an Aunt Jemima Ham.

It is a super easy thing to make.

  1. Buy one of those hams that looks like a football
  2. Stab it with a knife a bunch of times
  3. Put it in a slow cooker or crock pot on the warm setting
  4. Cover it with several bottles of Aunt Jemima syrup
  5. Turn it every couple of hours (If you start in the morning and eat in the afternoon you should be fine)
  6. Slice it, serve it and enjoy.

A new survey of 2,000 Americans looked at the most common holiday foods we can’t resist, including separate lists for savory and sweet.  And the two foods we find the most tempting are . . . mashed potatoes and chocolate chip cookies.

The top ten savory foods we can’t resist around the holidays are mashed potatoes . . . turkey . . . stuffing . . . bread rolls . . . mac ‘n cheese . . . ham . . . sweet potatoes or candied yams . . . green bean casserole . . . cranberry sauce . . . and creamed corn.

And the top ten sweet foods are chocolate chip cookies . . . pumpkin pie . . . brownies . . . apple pie . . . ice cream . . . sugar cookies . . . cupcakes . . . snickerdoodles . . . pecan pie . . . and red velvet cake.

Here are three more stats from the survey . . .

1.  97% of us will give in to a craving at least once during the holidays.  And 26% of people said they plan on giving in to EVERY craving they have this year.

2.  When we do try to resist, the average person can only last 17 minutes before they buckle.

3.  75% of us think giving into food cravings makes the holidays more fun.


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