Is Facial Hair Ugly?

What do you like?  Facial hair or clean-shaven?

A new survey asked people if they think guys look more attractive with or without facial hair.  The clear winner was clean-shaven and even a lot of guys who currently have beards agreed.

41% of women said guys look best with no facial hair.  14% said a beard-mustache combo is the best look . . . 8% said just a mustache . . . and 4% said just a beard.  33% said they weren’t sure.

25% of men who’ve had facial hair or have a beard or mustache right now agreed that clean-shaven is the most-attractive look. (Not me)

A lot of guys with facial hair did say it makes them look more masculine though.

The survey also found clean-shaven guys are slightly more likely to be seen as intelligent and trustworthy.


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