It’s 2022, and We Still Don’t Have a DIY Hangover Cure That Actually Works

It seems like most people who go out and party too hard have a hangover cure that they swear by.  Stuff like:  Downing glasses of water . . . using activated charcoal . . . drinking pickle juice.

Researchers in the U.K. have just released a comprehensive review of hangover “cures,” and it has concluded that . . . nothing works.

The review included clinical trials on dozens of supposed remedies . . . including curcumin, red ginseng, probiotics, artichoke extract, and pear juice . . . and nothing helped.  At least not consistently.

The researchers also dismissed a lot of flawed experiments in the past . . . saying there’s “a limited number of poor quality research studies [examining] hangovers.”

In fact, only three things showed enough promise for continued study:  Clove extract . . . tolfenamic acid, which is a painkiller available in the U.K. . . . and Vitamin B.


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