It’s Cheaper to Rent a U-Haul than a Car in Hawaii

Visitors to Hawaii might notice an influx of U-Haul trucks and vans on the roads — not because a lot of people are moving, but because renting U-Hauls is currently a whole lot cheaper than renting cars.

While rental car prices all over the U.S. have skyrocketed in recent months, none have gone as high as they have in Hawaii, where the most inexpensive car on Maui rents for $722 a day, according to KHNL-TV.

The outrageous price hike has prompted tourists to look for other modes of transportation — and they found U-Haul. “This surge in demand is primarily for our smaller vehicles,” says Hawaii U-Haul President Kaleo Alau.

“We realize this demand is occurring when tourists are unable to secure a rental car, or they learn that our rental fleet options are more affordable.”


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