Mom dances with 2-year-old son in case his wedding day never comes

(NEW YORK) — Call it a just-in-case dance.

Just in case 2-year-old Maddox Duran’s wedding day doesn’t come. Just in case the cyst the toddler has on his spine could herniate his brain stem and ultimately take his life.

Little Maddox was born with spina bifida and has had 17 surgeries in his short life. He has epilepsy and is tube-fed. But it’s the cyst that currently has his mom, Samantha Duran, most fearful.

In a video she posted to Facebook, she wrote in part, “Last April, we got the worst news of our life and it’s been nothing but a roller coaster of emotions since then. We were told that the cyst Maddox has on his spine could herniate his brain stem and ultimately take his life. I’ve updated recently that we are currently in limbo. However, a flood of emotions has taken over my mind and body since last April. One of the thoughts that I had was that I might never get to have my Mother-Son dance with my special guy at his wedding because we’re not sure if that day will come. So I bought a dress. Maddox got a little suit – complete with vest and bow tie, of course – and we did it. We had our dance. I will remember these 2 minutes for the rest of my life. “

Duran told ABC News’ Good Morning America that Maddox is “hard not to fall in love with.” The Pennsylvania mother of three described him as nosy and sweet.

“He loves to cuddle and steal your sunglasses,” she said. “He’s the cutest thing.”

The duo’s video is touching many on social media. Duran said the family is all about “making memories” with Maddox and she’s received messages that it’s inspiring others to do the same.

Still, the family faces an uncertain future. After his last surgery, his doctor told Duran and her husband that the surgery — one he’s had multiple times — would be more difficult going forward. The recovery is hard on the little boy. Duran said the next one would be the last. They have made his funeral arrangements already so they won’t have to if the time comes.

But for now, “we’re letting him live his best life and making the memories we can,” she said.

And even though Maddox doesn’t speak, he and his mom communicate just fine.

“He says volumes,” Duran said.

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