More “Good News” Stories from the Coronavirus Outbreak – Friday Edition

Here are a few more good news stories from the outbreak . . .

1.  An 80-year-old street food vendor in India is trending on Twitter after he broke down in tears during an interview.  He said no customers were showing up because of the pandemic.  But then hundreds lined up the next day, and now business is booming.

2.  Not everything about distance learning is bad.  A new survey of high school students found the top things they like about it are the flexibility, and being able to work at their own pace.  25% even said it’s easier to focus with less distractions.

3.  A couple in the U.K. didn’t want to cancel their 250-person wedding.  So they got creative and did a drive-in style ceremony that people could watch from their cars.

4.  25 people who live on Easter Island finally got to go home this week.  They’d all been stranded overseas for the last six months because of travel restrictions.

5.  Rapid COVID testing might get easier soon.  Doctors at UCLA came up with a new test that only costs 10 bucks, and it’s much easier to process.  You just spit in a tube . . . toss it in a machine . . . and get results back in about 24 hours.  They say that just 10 lab technicians can process tens-of-thousands of tests every day.

6.  Remember this guy from last month?  88-year-old Brad Hathaway of Massachusetts has been on a mission to walk 24,901 miles . . . the exact circumference of the Earth.  And he hasn’t let the pandemic stop him.  He finally hit his goal this week, and says he hopes it inspires other people to go out and get some exercise.

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