More “Good News” Stories from the Coronavirus Outbreak – Thursday Edition

Here are a few more good news stories from the outbreak . . .

1.  A woman in Washington state used her stimulus check to make hundreds of lasagnas for people.  She’s made over 1,200 in the last three months using her grandmother’s recipe.

2.  After both of his parents got the virus, a 15-year-old in England created a wristband that senses when you’re about to touch your face and stops you.  It’s called VybPro, and he’s raising money for it on Kickstarter.

3.  Duck Brand duct tape has a $10,000 scholarship contest each year that challenges kids to make prom dresses and tuxedos out of duct tape.  Now a girl’s amazing coronavirus-themed dress is going viral.  It took 394 hours and 41 rolls of tape to make it.  They haven’t announced the winner yet, but she’s got a good chance.

4.  It’s amazing how many older people have figured out the online hangout thing.  A 30-year-old guy in New York became friends with an 82-year-old before the virus hit.  And they haven’t let the lockdown stop them.  They’ve been talking on the phone, and just made the switch to Zoom this month.

5.  A new survey found the crisis has been stressful, but it’s also made us more grateful.  75% of us are more grateful for our health, relationships, and life in general.  And 68% have been inspired by all the random acts of kindness they’ve seen.

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