More “Good News” Stories from the Coronavirus Outbreak – Tuesday Edition

Here are a few more good news stories from the outbreak . . .

1.  A photo of two girls in California doing school on the sidewalk outside a Taco Bell went viral this weekend.  It turned out they didn’t have WiFi at home, so their school immediately gave them a hotspot to use.  Then people found out their family was being evicted, so someone started a GoFundMe.  And in one day, it raised over $115,000.


2.  Two out of three Americans say the crisis has actually made them a better person, according to a new poll.  55% admit they’re even a little embarrassed about the things they prioritized and valued before all this happened.

3.  A long-distance swimmer named Marian Cardwell was planning to raise money for charity by swimming across Lake Michigan.  But the pandemic forced her to stay closer to home.  So she improvised this weekend and swam back and forth along the coast near Chicago for 24 HOURS STRAIGHT.  And she raised over $10,000.  She’s going to follow through with her original plan to swim across Lake Michigan next year.

4.  You know how we’ve heard wearing a mask was to protect other people, not yourself?  Well, it might be both.  An infectious disease expert at the University of California thinks mask wearers are much less likely to get a severe case of COVID-19.

She says there’s more and more evidence that how MUCH of the virus you’re exposed to matters.  You can still get it through a mask, but your “viral dose” is lower.  So you’re more likely to have mild symptoms, or no symptoms at all.

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