More “Good News” Stories from the Coronavirus Outbreak – Wednesday Edition

Here are a few more good news stories from the outbreak . . .

1.  A seven-year-old kid in Brooklyn who loves to read heard that other kids were missing story time at school.  So he started a Facebook group called Bryan’s Book Corner where he reads to kids online.  And over a thousand people have joined.

2.  An 86-year-old woman in Rhode Island wanted to do something to cheer people up.  So she used her stimulus money to create a zoo for stuffed animals outside her house, and it’s a hit with kids.


Pawtucket woman uses her whole stimulus check to create a stuffed animal zoo on her front lawn 🤍 via /r/RhodeIsland 

Pawtucket woman uses her whole stimulus check to create a stuffed…

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3.  A woman near Houston collapsed in a grocery story last week.  And even though there’s a pandemic, a random guy immediately did CPR and saved her life.  It sounds like she probably had a heart attack.

4.  A personal trainer on Instagram has helped a bunch of people lose their “Quarantine 15” by starting a 28-day workout challenge.


5.  Remember the husband who staged dates outside his wife’s hospital window while she was waiting to give birth?  Well, she had the baby on Saturday, just in time for him to celebrate his first Father’s Day.

6.  Rockefeller Center announced there will still be a big Christmas tree in Rockefeller Plaza this year.  They might have to limit crowds, but they refuse to let the pandemic ruin Christmas.

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