More “Good News” Stories from the Coronavirus Outbreak – Wednesday Edition

Here are a few more good news stories from the outbreak . . .

1.  A church in Belgium raised money to help fight COVID-19 by asking people all over the world to make origami birds and mail them in.  Corporations donated money for each bird they got . . . over 20,000 of them.  Now they’re all hanging in the church as part of an art exhibit.  They ended up raising about $120,000.

2.  A woman in Colorado didn’t know how to sew a few months ago, but now she does.  She restored her great-great-grandmother’s old Singer sewing machine from 1922.  And she’s been using it to make hundreds of masks.

3.  A 90-year-old guy in Colorado was bored in lockdown, so he decided to start writing his autobiography.  And it inspired him to finally COME OUT and tell his family he’s gay.  He says he’s known since he was 12, and kept it a secret for 78 years.

4.  A woman in New Jersey who turns 108 next month just beat the virus more than a century after beating the Spanish Flu.  Her younger sister is 105 and also survived both.

5.  A school in Fort Worth, Texas was able to provide school supplies to all its students this year to save parents money.  So 170 families decided to pay it forward . . . came up with over $5,000 . . . and bought supplies for ANOTHER school that needed them.

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