Here are a few more good news stories from the protests . . .

1.  Police and community leaders in Lincoln, Nebraska signed a pledge this week to “hold cops accountable,” then danced together in the streets.

2.  A teacher’s list of children’s books about civil rights leaders and confronting racism has been going viral on Twitter.

3.  The city of Los Angeles announced it’s taking a quarter-of-a-billion dollars from its budget, and reinvesting it in communities of color.

4.  A bunch of major corporations are also opening their wallets.  Apple, Facebook, and Verizon are donating $10 million each to fight racial injustice.  And Bank of America pledged a BILLION DOLLARS over four years.

5.  Communities in Philadelphia couldn’t get groceries because stores were closed due to looting.  So the owner of several ShopRite supermarkets teamed up with a charity and distributed free groceries to people.

6.  Several business owners in New York have been speaking out in support of the protesters, even after their stores were damaged by looters.

10.  More than 5,000 peaceful protesters in Idaho came out for a candlelight vigil this week.

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