Parents Have More than 4,200 Battles with Their Kids

When you think about it 4,200 seems kind of low…

Parents will have an average of more than 4,200 battles with their kids.  And that’s only from ages two to 18.  It doesn’t even count all the arguments you’ll have once they’re adults.

That’s based on an average of just over five arguments a week for 16 years . . . which works out to 4,210.

Those fights last for an average of 14 minutes, which means you’ll spend about 41 total days of your kid’s childhood arguing with them.

Oh, and parents only win the battles an average of 60% of the time.

The top 10 things that cause the fights are:

Chores . . . messy bedrooms . . . not cleaning up after themselves in other rooms . . . homework . . . bedtime . . . phone or computer time . . . arguments between siblings . . . brushing teeth . . . watching too much TV . . . and not eating healthy food.

The big ones in our house are finishing your food and not jumping on the furniture.  What is the biggest cause of arguments with your kids?

(Yahoo News)

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