People Are Making More Impulse Buys to Cope During the Pandemic

Over the past few months, have you found yourself dropping big bucks on stuff you NEVER thought about buying before?  You’re not alone.

According to a new survey, even with the economic situation where it is, Americans are making MORE impulse buys during the pandemic than we were before.

In January, the average person was spending $155-a-month on impulse buys.  In April, that jumped up to $183.

And there are two main reasons.  One . . . we’re stocking up on stuff that’s hard to get or that we want to grab while it’s on sale.  And two . . . online shopping is one of the big ways we’re coping and improving our mood.

The top five most common impulse buys are all pandemic must-haves:  Cleaning supplies . . . hand sanitizer . . . toilet paper . . . hand soap . . . and canned food.

But the survey also found 21% of people have bought themselves a, quote, “treat” they’ve had their eye on for a while . . . 17% have grabbed a video game console . . . and 17% have bought shoes.

Right now the only impulse buys I have made are a little toy or two for the kids, maybe some chocolate for my wife and a pack of baseball cards for me.

(PR Newswire)

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