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The Halloween Candy You Give Out Reveals How Much You Care About Status

According to HuffPost, what you decide to give away for Halloween treats says a lot about your…

Fun Facts About Labor Day

Since Labor Day is Monday, let's learn some interesting facts about the holiday.

About 100 U.S. Athletes In Tokyo Unvaccinated

As Olympics Begin About 100 of the 613 U.S. athletes taking part in the Tokyo Olympics are…

Georgia Couple Finds 18 Snakes Under their Bed

Forget what your parents told you: Monsters under beds are real.

TikToker Shows Off Ear Massage Hack To Treat Period Pain

If you suffer from pain during your period, relief might come with this really simple hack.

Tori Spelling Makes a Bold Statement About Ryan Seacrest

Tori Spelling Makes a Bold Statement About Ryan Seacrest. Tori Spelling was a guest on Lisa Vanderpump's…

The Latest in Texting Scams Involving the IRS

The IRS is warning about a new phishing scam. The Scammers are sending text messages promising $1,200…

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