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Ford Recalling 2.9 Million Vehicles Before They Roll Away

Ford is recalling nearly 3 million cars and SUVs – before they roll away.

Inflation Surged Again In April – But Could Be Slowing Down

New data from the U.S. Labor Department shows inflation continued to surge in April – but could…

Inflations Concerns Americans

Inflation has become a growing source of concern for the country.

Man Uses Electric Unicycle As Answer to High Gas Prices

One man is using a very unique way to get to work while saving money on gas.

Inflation Rose 7.9% in February

The Consumer Price Index for February rose 7.9% from a year ago, according to data from the…

Fitbit Recalling 1.7 Million Smartwatches With Overheating Battery

Fitbit is recalling 1.7 million smartwatches over a faulty battery that can burn the user.

Kids And Cars: Today’s Teens In No Rush To Start Driving

According to the Federal Highway Administration, the percentage of teenagers getting their licenses is down, especially among…

Another Billionaire Enters The Space Race

Branson, Bezos, Elon, and… Porsche? A new billionaire family is entering the space race.

Millions of Americans are Suffering from Phone Addiction

Health officials are warning U.S. residents of a disorder that's affecting millions of people: cell phone addiction.

Study Suggests COVID-19 Could Cause Long-Term Damage To Brain Tissue

A new study suggests that COVID-19 could have long-term affect's on the human brain.

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