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Tiktoker Proves You’ve Been Using Your Can Opener Wrong Your Whole Life

TikToker Isabella Avila is taking kitchen hacks to new heights with her can opener hack which has…

A Hack for De-Corning Corn on the Cob

Is this the fastest way to remove corn from corn on the cob?

TikToker’s Travel Hack For Sneaking An Extra Bag On Flight Goes Viral

A TikToker's recent travel hack is going viral and has racked up almost 3 million likes.

Order McDonald’s Fries Without Salt To Get Them Super Fresh

One Instagrammer has shared a hack he uses to get the freshest fries from McDonald's.

McDonald’s Fries Will Never Go Soggy Again With This Tip

Well according to a former employee of fast food giant, McDonald's, he has the trick to say…

TikToker Shows Off Ear Massage Hack To Treat Period Pain

If you suffer from pain during your period, relief might come with this really simple hack.

This Viral Hack To Keep Lettuce Fresh For An Entire Month Is Blowing My Mind

It's the worst feeling when you are craving a nice, cold, crisp salad only to find out…

TikTok Hack Shows How To Unclog Drains Without Harsh Chemicals

You can unclog slow-running pipes in your home without the use of harsh chemicals, notes a TikToker…

Here Are the Top 10 “Parenting Hacks” We Use to Get Kids to Do Stuff

A new survey commissioned by Warburtons found the 10 most common “parenting hacks” people use to get…

Does This Dirty Tupperware Hack from TikTok Really Work?

A dirty Tupperware hack has racked up millions of views on TikTok, and people swear it works.  The next…

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