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Cabbage Patch Documentary Dropping

A new documentary about the Cabbage Patch Kids is dropping this weekend. 

Kids May Be Just As Stressed as Their Overworked Parents

According to a new survey, kids are going through it as much as their parents.

FDA Panel Supports Pfizer Vaccine For Children 5-11

An FDA advisory panel has officially endorsed the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 5-11.

The Average Parent Will Let Their Kid Hit 25 Houses on Halloween, and Steal Five Pieces of Candy

The average parent will steal five pieces of candy from their kids on Halloween night.

Facebook Announces New Features for Parents To Opt-In and Monitor What Their Kids Are Doing Online

Facebook is rolling out new features for parents and children. One feature will ask kids to take…

The Top Things in a Packed Lunch That Kids Don’t Eat

The most common things kids leave uneaten at lunch.

Kids And Cars: Today’s Teens In No Rush To Start Driving

According to the Federal Highway Administration, the percentage of teenagers getting their licenses is down, especially among…

The Top Things We Still Help Our Kids Pay For, Even When They’re Adults

The top things parents help pay for even when their kids are grown-ups.

The Five Most Common Parenting Rules Today Versus 30 Years Ago

Are you a more laid-back parent than your own parents were?

Travelocity Is Giving Away $10,000 Vacations Based On Your Kids Drawings

Travelocity is giving away vacations based on what your kid draws. So if your little one draws…

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