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What’s McDonald’s Least-Ordered Item?

A TikToker whose family owns a bunch of McDonald's franchises posted a video claiming this item is…

McDonald’s Is Giving Teachers Free Meals

If you are a teacher, Mcdonald's is hooking you up.

McDonald’s McRib Will Return Nov. 1 in 40th Year

If you've never had one it's a a boneless pork patty with barbecue sauce, onions and dill…

McDonalds Offers 50-Cent Double Cheeseburger

Saturday September 18th is National Cheeseburger Day. To celebrate, McDonalds will offer .50 cent cheeseburgers to users…

FTC Investigates McDonald’s Ice Cream Machines

The FTC is talking to McDonald’s franchisees about their ice cream machines.

McDonald’s Is Facing This Major Shortage That Could Affect Your Order

McDonald's is facing a shortage that could affect how you order from the chain: paper bags.

McDonald’s Employee Apparently Quits With Drive-thru ‘I Hate This Job’ Sign

A McDonald’s employee had had enough during a Saturday overnight shift in Louisville, Kentucky, he quit and…

Order McDonald’s Fries Without Salt To Get Them Super Fresh

One Instagrammer has shared a hack he uses to get the freshest fries from McDonald's.

McDonalds To Promote the COVID Vaccine

McDonald's is joining forces with the White House to get customers to get out and get vaccinated…

A Florida McDonald’s Is Paying $50 Just To Come In For An Interview

Wait, so I can make an easy $50.00 just by going on an interview? That's exactly what's…

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