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Car Insurance Costs More In This State Than Anywhere Else In The US

While Louisiana is known for its annual Mardi Gras festival, the French Quarter and its jazz music…

Study Suggests Severe COVID-19 Could Drop Your IQ By Ten Points

A study out of the UK suggests that a bad case of COVID-19 could drop your IQ…

Study: Life Expectancy of Americans Has Gotten Shorter

Some bad news here for Americans. A new study has found that the life expectancy for Americans…

Sleeping With The Lights On Can Damage Your Health

 Want a good night's sleep?  Keep the lights off РALL of them.

Study: Kids Are Starting To Use Social Media At 8 Years Old

Children are starting on social media at an age that's younger than ever before — and they're…

Study: Too Much Napping Could Be A Sign Of Dementia

Older adults who find themselves needing lengthy naps every day could be displaying early signs of dementia…

Study Identifies Saddest State in US

If you're looking for happiness, Kentucky is the least likely place you'll find it.

Study: Gas Stoves Hurt the Environment — Even When Off

Gas stoves contribute to global warming — even when they're turned off.

Study: Loud-Mouthed Men More Likely to Spread COVID

Loud-mouthed men aren't just annoying; they're also more responsible for spreading COVID-19 than any other group of…

Study: COVID-19 More Likely To Be Fatal For Men Than Women

A new study shows that COVID-19 is more deadly for men than for women.

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