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Why You Should Book Your Rental Car Before Anything Else This Holiday Season

Kayak is predicting another car rental surge this holiday season.

The #1 Healthiest Pumpkin Spice Latte, Says Dietitian

It's Pumpkin Spice Latte season and just because it's delicious doesn't mean it can't be delicious AND…

This Candy Corn Surprise Cake Is Sure To Be A Hit At Your Next Monster Mash

Believe it or not, there's actually people out there who like candy corn. 

FTC Investigates McDonald’s Ice Cream Machines

The FTC is talking to McDonald’s franchisees about their ice cream machines.

Holiday Toys Will Probably Be Harder To Find and More Expensive This Year

Brace yourself, we are talking about Christmas already and the kids are barely back in school.

McDonald’s Is Facing This Major Shortage That Could Affect Your Order

McDonald's is facing a shortage that could affect how you order from the chain: paper bags.

Everyday Habits That Make You Look Older, According to Science

Society is on the constant hunt to look younger, but some of your everyday habits may be…

IRS Sending Out Another Round Of Tax Refunds – See If You Qualify

The IRS is sending out another round of tax refund checks to 1.5 million Americans this week.

Ouch To Your Bank Account: 5 Foods Costing More This Summer

According to NBC News, a "side effect" of the pandemic is price hikes for the third straight…

Johnson & Johnson Recalls Sunscreens

Johnson & Johnson has announced a recall of five sunscreen products from "low levels of benzene" in…

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