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Why The Heck Is The Pfizer Vaccine Now Called ‘Comirnaty’?

In case you missed it, Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine was given full approval on Monday, as well as…

Pfizer Says 3rd Booster Shot “Strongly” Boosts Protection Against Delta Variant

Pfizer says a third vaccine shot would "strongly" boost protection against the highly contagious Delta variant.

CDC Says Vaccinated Adults Don’t Need A Booster Shot ‘At This Time’

The CDC says that anyone who's been fully vaccinated doesn't need a booster shot "at this time"…

Study: Pfizer, Moderna Vaccines Could Provide Long-Lasting Immunity

A new study suggests that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines might offer a long-lasting immunity to COVID-19.

Study Suggests Pfizer, Moderna Vaccines Are Safe For Pregnant Women

A new study has shown promising results suggesting that the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines are safe…

FTC Offers Reminder: You Don’t Have To Pay For A Vaccine Shot

The FTC has issued another warning to watch out for vaccine scams.

Travel Bookings Are On The Rise As More People Receive Vaccines

People are no longer putting off their vacations as the pandemic starts to be seen in the…

Vaccine May be Available for Teens as Early as Summer

U.S. teens may be able to get vaccinated as early as summer, health officials say.

Fauci Says We Could Return To Normal By Christmas

“When will life return to normal?” That’s the big question on everyone’s mind and it might finally…

Iowa modifies plan to withhold vaccine from counties

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Iowa health officials have modified a decision to withhold COVID-19 vaccines from…

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